Data: 28.11.2017- 16.01.2018

Liczba godzin: 30

Lokalizacja: Łódź

Practical English for Successful Business Management

This course focuses on how to manage people in order to create an excellent, productive work environment. Students will learn and practice English language communication strategies needed to build high-performing teams, inspiring individuals to do their best, focus on shared goals, and avoid the pitfalls of petty conflicts at work.

Why it is worth to attend?

Over the 5-week, 30-hour course, students will cover the background theory necessary to help them manage people and then apply the theory (in English) in various simulated, day-to-day work situations. Students will also work in teams to complete a mini-project in one of the above areas that they will present to the class.

This course may appeal to both students and people already in the workforce. It is appropriate for new and mid-level managers as well as entry level employees. Senior managers are welcome as a means to brush up on English skills.


Students will take part in exercises simulating day-to-day business activities such as:
– Chairing effective meetings – creating a balance between listening and keeping things on track
– Making presentations – keeping it simple

– Interviewing and hiring – how to do a job interview in English and what to look for in a new hire
– Empowering employees – day-to-day strategies for getting the most out of your employees
– Performance reviews – using feedback as a positive tool
– Managing up – managing your boss

Information – 30h course (10 meetings, each 135mins)

Dates of the course: 28.11.2017, 30.11.2017, 5.12.2017, 7.12.2017, 12.12.2017, 14.12.2017, 19.12.2017, 9.01.2018,11.01.2018, 16.01.2018,

Fees – 500,00 zł/semester