“The answer should not be either/or but and/both”
Cultural Business Preferences and Tendencies in East Asia

This specialisation is for Polish professionals wanting to find out more about intercultural business skills with the aim of building more successful business relationships with East Asian countries.

It can assist Polish nationals to become more effective when doing business with Asia by offering valuable advice on how to do business in a ‚non-Western way’ that can open the door to a whole new world.

This specialisation may include:

East Asia overview: Culture and Confusianism
Key issues in business culture (Chinese terms used): harmony and being reasonable, the family and work unit (danwei), mutual dependence and favours (guanxi), long-term orientation.
Decision making: avoiding western ‚right or wrong’ logic in favour of ‚there is truth on both sides’, age and hierarchy yet group decisions, saying ‚no’ without loss of face
Intercultural communication: sincerity and respect, modesty not emotion, silence rather than speech represents knowledge, yes means ‚I hear you’ not ‚I agree
East Asian perceptions of Westerners: Polish business people through Asian eyes
Socialising for business: relationship through patience and courtesy

This specialisation may appeal to:

Employees of East Asian companies established in Poland (Huawei, Fujitsu, Samsung) or anyone wishing to capitalise on the new Silk road (high-speed cargo rail-road) linking Łódź/Poland to China.