“Accepting difference in a united union”
Cultural Business Preferences and Tendencies in Europe

This specialisation is for Polish professionals wanting to find out more about intercultural business skills with the aim of building more successful business relationships with European countries.

The challenges of working in or doing business with Europe should never be underestimated as different European countries bring different attitudes and values to the business table. Understanding and preparing yourself for these differences is key to ensuring success.

This specialisation may include:

How other European cultures differ to Poland: hierarchy, trust networks, gender relations, employee empowerment
Historic and geographic influences on cultural difference: shared past relations and how they can cause small cultural differences to become big issues
Intercultural communication: direct and indirect feedback, titles or first names, expressive or controlled.
Different European perceptions of Poles: Polish business people through the eyes of other European countries
Socialising for business: when in Rome, do as the Romans (or not)

This specialisation may appeal to:

Anyone working with European nations in outsourcing, foreign marketing and sales, international HR, tourism and hotels.