If your audience is your presentation, what do you do if that audience is foreign?”
Use culture as a tool to improve your public speaking and presentations to other cultures

This specialisation can help you gain the confidence, language skills and cultural knowledge to be able to give professional English language presentations to audiences from other cultures.

Whether it is presenting your company to visitors from Amsterdam or giving a public speech in Manchester, the ability to assess the needs and motivations of a foreign audience and to adjust your presentation style and content to connect with this audience is vital skill for the modern global business person.

This specialisation may include:

The importance of your audience and how to conduct audience analysis
Techniques to help connect with a foreign audiences
Making sure your message is understood and using appropriate English language
The different function of the question and answer session in different cultures
Preparation and delivery of presentations to mixed cultural audiences
The specific characteristics of Polish Audiences and your own cultural biases and preferences

This specialisation may appeal to:

Anyone giving presentations within multinational or multicultural organisations or who regularly receives or travels abroad to meet clients and colleagues based in overseas locations. Public speakers who regularly attend international conferences.