Learn how to treat customers from other cultures in the way wish to be treated”
Use culture as a tool to improve customer service with overseas clients.

Even the most experienced customer service representatives can face difficulties when they enter into a foreign market for the first time and realise that business skills that worked so well at home are not always effective overseas.

Stop fearing foreign customer service interactions and start specialising in them. This specialisation will help you use your English language skills in new ways to provide excellent customer service to customers from other countries and cultures.

This specialisation may include:

The role of culture in customer service and your own biases and preferences
Using culture to wins customers, retains customers, then insulates them from the competition
Cultural differences in the moment of truth, dealing with complaints, building customer relations
Different global communication styles and how to use them in customer service
Foreign opinions on Polish customer service

This specialisation may appeal to:

English language customer service representatives working for Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcers in Poland. Anyone who is communicating increasingly in sales, support, marketing, media and communication with customers from other countries.