POSITIVELY DISAPPOINTED: Business Across Cultures in Poland

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PRAISE FOR ‚POSITIVELY DISAPPOINTED: Business Across Cultures in Poland’
By Timothy J. Bridgman (Publisher SZKOLENIA ŁÓDŹ)

„This is a very insightful read and I recommend any ‚foreigner’ new to Poland to read and take note.” Russell Towlson – Deputy Director, BPCC Trade, British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a great book. I expected to see yet another guidebook listing cultural differences, but instead found myself positively disappointed to find personal stories.” Jacek Pączek – Outsourcing/Offshoring Expert and Shared Service Centre Director, Kraków, Poland.

“An enjoyable and intelligent journey of cultural discovery and understanding.” Matthew Hill, Author, Trainer & Coach. Founder of The Intercultural Training Channel.

„I strongly recommend this book to foreigners who look forward to meeting Poland, Poles and the Polish language.” Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk – Professor Ordinarius Dr habil. in English Language and Linguistics, University of Łódź.

Book Summary:

Poland is now the world’s new hot-spot for global IT and business outsourcing. With many talented graduates available for work and possessing exceptional language skills, for the first time India now has a serious rival.

Following 25 years of change in Eastern Europe, the European Union now has its own modern transition economies that are open and ready for business. Furthermore, as these economies are ‚European’ they are considered culturally similar by Western companies looking to offshore or outsource. But is this really so and what about Poland?

‚Positively Disappointed’ is a fictional account of an English manager sent from London to Łódź, Poland, to manage a Polish subsidiary of a British company. Organised into sections related to Hofstede’s dimensions of culture, the book takes you inside Polish society to a culture which, while presenting a united pro-US and EU exterior, remains internally divided by cultural conflicts from the past.

Discover how the EU’s most homogeneous country can also be argued to be diverse and the confusion this causes to outsiders. This book provides essential non-judgemental guidance for foreigners to help them stop the many positive experiences that can be gained in Poland from turning into disappointment.


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